Multiple choices, better prices

With our instant price comparison quote and booking we want to save you time, money and effort!

Why don’t you stop waiting in queue to post your parcels and start booking, from the comfort of your home, your parcel, pallets or even freight deliveries using Local Parcels, your friendly local courier company. And because we work with all of the industry’s biggest and best couriers – including DHL International, TNT Express, DPD, UK Mail, Hermes, DX Freight, Pall-Ex – we want to give you access to the widest range of top-quality courier services at the lowest prices online.

Premium or Late Evening Parcel Collection services

We know you’re working hard and you’re too busy to wait around your house, the whole day, for the courier. We know all about “failed collection”, “address not found”, “customer not home” situations. And when you take a day off to send a parcel… it’s a shame! Specializing in residential parcel collections over the years, we created our own Premium or Late Evening Parcel Collection Service, the best solutions to all these problems!

So you can relax, keep your schedule during the day and meet our courier just in the scheduled time slot during the day or late in the evening, in pyjamas if you want, we don’t mind! 🙂 😉